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Feeling powerless at the dentist: How to work with your fear

Going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people, particularly if you feel like you are losing control over your own body. This feeling of powerlessness can be caused by various factors such as fear of pain, anxiety about the unknown, a bad previous experience, or feeling vulnerable in a medical setting. However, it is possible to take back control and overcome these feelings by following a few simple tips.

  • Communicate with your dentist: Let your dentist know about your specific fears and concerns. A good dentist will listen to you and work with you to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during the appointment.

  • Utilising stop clickers, safe signals and other dental sign language, used regularly at Mindset Dental. This way, the dentist can clearly understand how you’re feeling at all times so they can stop, listen and make it easier for you.

  • Educate yourself: One of the best ways to overcome fear is to understand what is happening. Ask your dentist to explain the procedures and treatments you will receive, and what you can expect during the appointment. This will give you a sense of control and help you feel more comfortable.

  • Use visualisation or relaxation techniques: Visualising yourself in a calm and relaxed state can help to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of control. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a peaceful place, such as a beach or a forest, listen to guided relaxation or take deep breaths to help calm your nerves.

  • Practice self-care: Prior to your appointment, practice self-care to help you feel more relaxed. This can include exercise, meditation, or other relaxation techniques. Additionally, be sure to get enough sleep the night before and eat a nutritious meal to help reduce stress levels.

  • Find a dentist you trust: Trust is key when it comes to overcoming feelings of powerlessness at the dentist. Find a dentist who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust to provide you with the best possible care. A dentist should never disregard your concerns.

In conclusion, feeling powerless at the dentist is a common fear, but it can be overcome with the right mindset and preparation. Your comfort is important, and at Mindset Dental we encourage you to advocate for yourself and talk to your dentist what you feel might work best for you.


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