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New Patient Consultation Only - Telehealth

New Patient Consultation Only - Telehealth

Sometimes, turning up is the hardest part.

Knowledge and trust are often the keys to feel comfortable making that first step towards help. That's why at Mindset Dental, we off offer New Patient telehealth consultations for you to get to know us without having to step across the premises. These video sessions give you a chance to learn a little more about what might be happening in your mouth, what possible treatments involve, and how we can make your dental journey as easy as possible. You can even send us photos of your mouth, so we can best advise you remotely. Ultimately, the goal of these telehealth consultations is to raise your health knowledge, gain your trust, and show you an easier way of improving your dental health. 

Our dentists have post-graduate training in psychology and counselling, and have dedicated their careers to focus on the human behind the mouth. We will treat you as an equal, not as someone who needs lecturing. By identifying what general or specific factors are related to your dental fear, we can share tips and techniques that are best suited to help you feel comfortable and in control. We will never rush, and by allowing us to understand you better, you also allow us to better help you.

For some, an additional session with a qualified psychologist or counsellor may also be helpful. This is something we can help organise for you should it be needed.

Subsequent New Patient Examination - 45mins - $105

When you feel ready, the next step is to come in for an examination of your teeth in our spacious and light-filled treatment room. This is a separate 45 minute appointment and includes:

  • A close visual examination of all of your teeth and previous dental work

  • An assessment of your gum health, including checking for scale buildup on your teeth or gum disease

  • An oral cancer screening of your mouth and a health check of your jaw joints (TMJs)

  • A radiographic examination of your teeth to see what's below the surface - all xrays are low radiation dosage and included in the examination cost!

  • A set of photographs of your teeth to to demystify what's happening inside your mouth

  • A collaborative treatment plan that you’re comfortable with and an accurate quote and discussion of payment options

  • Answering any questions that you may have and making sure that everything is explained in a way that you understand

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