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Tooth Replacements

Replacing the gap in your smile

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From time to time, a tooth has to go. Luckily, there are ways to replace teeth to give you your smile back or to help you to chew better.

There are three reasons why we like to replace teeth:

  1. To give you more teeth to chew with. This makes it easier to eat your food, but also protects the other teeth from undue stress.

  2. To improve the appearance of your smile.

  3. To prevent other teeth from moving into the gap and growing out of place.

There are four main options to replace teeth. We can discuss with you what treatment might be right for you:

  1. Fixed Dental Implants - often the best way to replace a tooth long term

  2. Ceramic Dental Bridges - connecting a replacement tooth to the teeth next door

  3. Dentures - partial or full removable dentures

  4. Orthodontics - moving the surrounding teeth to fill in the gap

We offer interest-free payment plans so that you can replace the teeth you need now and pay for them later.

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