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Consultations and Examinations

Start your journey towards dental health!

Logo for a dental examination at a dentist for nervous or anxious patients

We believe that a comprehensive examination, including a thorough tooth, gum, oral cancer and jaw check, is the best way to work with people holistically. Without a complete exam, treatment can be performed, but pieces of the puzzle might be missed, leading to less than optimal outcomes.

You have two options when you first visit Mindset Dental:

  • A Consultation and an Examination where we will together develop a full Treatment Plan.

  • A Consultation only either in-person or via Teleheath (video). This allows you to meet us and build your confidence prior to having your teeth checked. When you're ready, the next step is a separate Examination appointment to build a Treatment Plan.


Our first session with you will always start with initial consultation where we talk and listen to you so that we can understand your situation and individual personal needs. At Mindset Dental, we have a separate consultation room away from the dental chair specifically designed to free you from distractions while we talk through any concerns and where you want to go in future with your health. We’re on the journey with you, and it's vital that we share an open, honest and understanding discussion before we even think about conducting any dental procedures. We will never rush, and by allowing us to understand you better, you also allow us to better help you.


Our comprehensive examination is undertaken in our spacious and light-filled treatment room. Without a complete exam, treatment can be performed, but pieces of the puzzle might be missed, leading to less than optimal health outcomes for you. We will make sure you are comfortable before proceeding with a thorough assessment of the foundations of your mouth. This includes

  • A close visual examination of all of your teeth and previous dental work

  • An assessment of your gum health, including checking for scale buildup on your teeth or gum disease

  • An oral cancer screening of your mouth and a health check of your jaw joints (TMJs)

  • A radiographic examination of your teeth to see what's below the surface - all xrays are low radiation dosage and included in the examination cost!

  • A set of photographs of your teeth to to demystify what's happening inside your mouth

Treatment Plan

After we understand your situation, we will work with you to develop a dental health treatment plan that you’re comfortable with and provide you an accurate quote and discussion of payment options. We’ll answer any questions that you may have and make sure that everything is explained in a way that you understand. Our goal is to help you address your concerns and build confidence and trust in the dental treatment you choose.

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