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Mindset Dental was established to help you achieve dental health, while also relieving your fear of the dentist, now and into the future. Dr Helen and Dr Trent have post-graduate training in psychology and counselling, so we understand how feelings of fear and anxiety can act as a barrier. We have the skills to reduce those barriers to help you achieve your dental health goals. 

There are many ways we can make your dental visits easier and alleviate any fear or concerns that may be stopping you from achieving the dental health that you want,

even without the use of drugs or fancy gadgets.

Here's how!

  • A separate consultation room away from the dental chair, specifically designed to free you from distractions while we talk through your dental goals and any concerns that you may have.

  • We empower you to stay healthy with positive language, rather than scaring you into preventing dental disasters with threatening language - we want to guide you towards great dental health, rather than forcing you away from bad health. 

  • Relaxation techniques (including breathing techniques, muscle relaxation and guided imagery).

  • Interactive approaches to dental education based on tell-show-do techniques to take the unknowns out of dental treatment.

  • You'll always be in control by using ‘stop’ and 'safe' signals to make sure that we understand how you’re feeling or if you're uncomfortable in the chair.

  • Creating a plan together for scheduled treatment breaks and other coping techniques.

  • Practicing ‘trauma-informed’ dental treatment for all patients.

  • Complete transparency with all costs. Up-front and fixed pricing with no hidden costs means no more anxiety about bill surprises!

For some, an additional session with a qualified psychologist or counsellor may also be helpful.

This is something we can help organise for you should it be needed, or if you already have someone

you know and trust, we would love to work with them to best help you.

A nervous patient with dental anxiety doing talk therapy with a Mindset dentist
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