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Comfort is key

Why are you afraid of the dentist?

Do you dread the thought of having an injection? Does the sound of the equipment send shivers down your spine? Does the smell of a clinical environment make you nauseous? Are you worried you might not have control over your dental treatment? 

Mindset Dental was designed in every aspect to relieve the feelings of anxiety associated with these experiences. We have all the best technology to make sure you’re as calm and comfortable as possible while you’re in the chair. Here's how!

The Wand digitally controlled injections

Be pleasantly surprised at how little a needle can hurt using our computer-controlled Wand injection. The Wand digitally controls the flow of local anaesthetic making your experience slow and steady, guaranteeing a smooth, painless experience every time. 

Zone out

Stay distracted by tuning in to our ceiling mounted TV. Listen to your favourite music or podcasts with our noise cancelling headphones. Relieve your anxiety with our calm soundscapes and experience a serene dental environment with our sound-proof technology.

Feel comfortable and relaxed

Unlike other dental clinics, Mindset Dental is specifically designed to make you feel calm and relaxed. Say goodbye to unpleasant clinical smells with our curated relaxation aromas or let our weighted blankets make you feel secure and restful. 

Stay in control

You'll always be in control by using our 'stop' clickers and 'safe' signals to make sure that we understand how you’re feeling at all times. We will stop, listen, and make it easier for you. We will never disregard your concerns.

Digital scanner

For dental procedures requiring moulds of your teeth, such as teeth grinding splints or dental crowns, we use a 3D digital scanner as a less intrusive alternative to traditional putty impressions. This is much more comfortable, especially for those who have a strong gag reflex. 

A nervous patient with dental anxiety using relaxation technology at the dentist
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